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Take out a personal loan to buy a new car...

One of the the most popular reasons for taking out a personal loan is to buy a car. You then become a “cash” buyer as far as the dealer is concerned. If you are looking for a cheap car loan then look no further.

Use our search facility above to compare the best car loan deals currently available in the UK. We have a huge range of plans to suit all circumstances and offer extremely competitive rates.

Many people take out a personal loan to finance the cost of a new car.


easy to arrange
rates can be very competitive
the loan is not secured on the car, so you can sell the car whenever you like without having to repay the loan. Also, the car cannot be repossessed 

the total amount of interest you’ll pay is low compared to other options

Even if you have a bad credit rating, there are providers who will provide finance for the purchase of a car.

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Poor Credit History? Refused Finance?

If you have suffered from credit problems in the past or have been refused car finance there are companies offering car finance to people with poor credit.