Consolidate your debts into one monthly payment

One of the most popular reasons an individual takes out a personal loan is to consolidate existing debts.

It can be very easy to let your credit card bills, store cards, loans & Hire Purchase spiral out of control. With a debt consolidation loan you could manage your outgoings more wisely.

With a consolidation loan you could clear all your existing debts, leave you with one new monthly payment, and cut your monthly outgoings by up to 50%!

With interest rates at their lowest for over 25 years, now is the time to redirect your finances through one, monthly, manageable loan. 

A personal loan for debt consolidation bundles up your existing debts into one loan; which you can then pay off over a longer period thereby reducing your monthly repayments to a more manageable level.

Debt consolidation loan regardless of your credit rating

Whatever your circumstances, whether you are employed, self-employed, have a high or low credit rating, or possibly in arrears, defaults or CCJs, we have providers who can help. 

Find the best deal for you

Through this website you have access to hundreds of products from all the leading lenders in the UK. This site does all the shopping around for you, as it brings together hundreds of lenders in the UK. Simply compare the products, find the right loan for you and apply online.

Featured Lenders

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Unsecured loans for UK homeowners and tenants are available from us.

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A secured loan is designed for the homeowner and allows them to use the value in their property as security. This type of loan can be used for any purpose. Interest rates for secured loans are generally lower than unsecured loans. Secured loan lenders are also more willing to accept a lower credit rating.

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