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Find the most competitive loan to fund home improvements

A popular reason for taking out a personal loan is to fund home improvements such as:

Double glazing
Central heating
Fitted bathrooms and kitchens
Fitted bedrooms
Rewiring and plumbing

Home improvements are usually driven by the desire to create a more comfortable house. However, the knowledge that the value of the property may also increase, gives an added incentive to continually improve. 

A personal loan may be the best, cheapest and most logical way to finance home improvements. 

Find the best home improvement loan for you

Personal loans can be used for any purpose, including home improvements. This site does all the shopping around for you as you can compare hundreds of products from leading lenders in the UK. Simply compare the products, find the most competitive for you and apply online.


Through this site you have access to over 400 unsecured loans for UK homeowners and tenants are available from us. An unsecured loan does not require security.

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A secured loan is designed for the homeowner and allows them to use the value in their property as security. This type of loan can be used for any purpose. 

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