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A secured homeowner loan requires the borrower to provide the lender with security. The security will be the borrower's property, regardless of whether it is mortgaged or owned outright. Loans secured against property that is already mortgaged are known as second charges, whereas loans secured against a property owned outright with no existing mortgage in place are known as first charges. 

With this website you have access to all the leading secured loan lenders in the UK and if you are a homeowner then we can help you get the very best deal available. 

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For people wanting to borrow larger amounts of money than provided by an unsecured personal loan, where you can normally only borrow up to 25,000.

For people who want a longer repayment period  Individuals who have been rejected for a personal loan For People who have a poor credit rating, CCJs, defaults, arrears For People who are self employed

Loans for 3,000 to 100,000

Secured homeowner loans are available in varying amounts and for many different purposes, including debt consolidation. The amount available usually ranges from 3,000 to 50,000, although some lenders will consider lending up to 100,000. 

Secured loans for any purpose 

Carry out those home improvements you've been planning, fit that new kitchen, install central heating, new conservatory, build that extension, consolidate your existing credit, buy that new car, in fact your loan could be for any purpose whatsoever.


The amount borrowed is repaid monthly over a term agreed at the outset, which will usually range between 3 and 25 years. You may be charged a penalty if you repay your loan earlier than agreed, and you should check each lender's individual policy with regards to this.


Lenders charge interest on the amount you borrow with a secured loan. This is known as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The amount you can borrow, the term available and the APR will all depend upon the equity you have in your property, the lender's view of your ability to repay the loan and your personal circumstances. Interest rates for secured loans are generally lower than unsecured loans.

Compare APRs to find the right deal for you

The APRs quoted by the lender will usually be typical rates, and these act as a guide only as the exact rate offered will be on an individual basis. As a general rule, it is advisable to compare the APRs of different loans, as this is a good way to determine how competitive they are. 

Easier to obtain than unsecured loans

Secured loans are normally much easier to obtain than unsecured loans. This is because the lender has the added benefit of security, which provides protection in the event of a customer's inability to repay. 

Ideal for people with a poor credit rating

As security is provided with a secured loan it means that persons who are self employed, or who have recently changed jobs, or who have adverse credit such as arrears, defaults or CCJs can take out a loan. 

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